Jeremy Hazelwood / CEO

Jeremy Hazelwood, the oldest of nine children, is Married with 2 beautiful children, and grew up in the vibrant city of Columbus, Ohio. Jeremy was only in high school when he was drawn to the study of electricity, and naturally had a burning desire to be an entrepreneur at a young age. His admission in Southeast Career Centre while being only in the third year of high school acted the fuel to the fire that lit up his mind to endeavor in the field of electrical work. Jeremy advanced by working alongside contractors to gain real life experience, to follow his aim, a private aim to serve the public!
However, the clients’ acknowledgements followed him at the end of every troubleshooting assignment and Jeremy seemed to be the only distinctive electrical person in town to have gained oodles of clients in a short period of time. Besides working, Jeremy persuaded his graduation in electronics from the famous Devry University, where even as a student, he had been a charmer. These accomplishments convinced him to fit practical wings to his dream of establishing an electric company, which today is named as the Undefined Heights Electric.

Undefined Heights Electric has become a company majorly renowned for its earnest ways of dealing and demonstration of authentic performance every time a customer seems appalled with an issue, in the city of Columbus. Exceeding 6 years of upgrading experience, Hazelwood and company have now enhanced the company services to offer a wide array of solutions with the same perfection but more professionalism with an unaltered aim of easing up their customers and answering their needs in the best possible way!. As prosperous as the journey’s been, Jeremy Hazelwood has been successful in generating the annual revenues ranging from $300k to $816k by the 5th year in business.

His entrepreneurship skills have been evident making Jeremy believe that his ultimate happiness lies in the glorious gratification of his clients which drives him to initiate another idea – that talks about providing superior and up-to-the-mark residences to his clients.

His being in construction and working apace with the likes of accomplished developers and investors both, imparted in him the cores of real estate and he ended up founding Elevated Property Group,LLC,, a real estate company connecting splendor with clients!

A second enterprise, Elevated Property Group,LLC, executed by Jeremy Hazelwood himself, has successfully been highlighted for its devouring services in the genre of real estate investments and alleviating people with their needs of buying and selling legal property in the state of Ohio and Beyond.. Jeremy’s vivid success shows in his constant elevation of the owned company and his ardent behavior with choosing the organization’s staff. Since the company’s very inception, Jeremy has been an avid believer in the deliverance of quality, working invariably to make it highly adequate whether he has to choose and go an extra mile for it.

As per what Hazelwood believes, the three-word-rule saying “Location, Location, Location” is what the foundations of real estate are based upon and with his prominent entrepreneurial skills, he’s seeking to raise capital to further elevate the rise of his already well-groomed startup i.e. Elevated Property Group,LLC